Job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviour of employees in companies in the Republic of Serbia


  • Biljana Djordjevic Faculty of Economics University of Nis
  • Maja Ivanović-Đukić
  • Vinko Lepojević
  • Sandra Milanović


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Organizational citizenship behaviour is a form of employees’ behaviour where employees’ go beyond their formal duties required by job description. Despite the fact that this form of behaviour is not recognized or accepted by the reward system, employees are ready to put an extra effort in order to achieve organizational goals. However, the readiness of employees to manifest this form of behaviour is not completely unconditional. Numerous empirical studies suggest that such behaviour can be encouraged by employees’ job satisfaction, fulfilment of their psychological contract, perception of a high level of organizational justice in the company, support provided to them, etc. Having in mind the importance of this form of employees’ behaviour, precisely from the point of view of employers, as well as the factors that influence it, this paper examines the impact of employees’ job satisfaction on the level of their organizational citizenship behaviour on the example of the companies in the Republic of Serbia. The paper starts with three hypotheses. The first and second hypotheses are that employees in companies in the Republic of Serbia are satisfied with their job and that they demonstrate organizational citizenship behaviour. These assumptions were tested by using the t-test. The third hypothesis is that employees’ satisfaction with their job has a positive effect on their organizational citizenship behaviour. In order to test this hypothesis, methods of correlation and multiple regression analysis were used. The analysis is based on data obtained by primary research realized during 2019. In the research, 244 employees participated. The research showed that there is …..This paper contribution is twofold. First, it provide the empirical data regarding the job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviour of employees in companies in Serbia. Second, it fulfils the existing literature from this field by proposing the strategies for increasing the employees’ job satisfaction, which will lead to increasing the employees’ willingness to manifest organizational citizenship behaviour.