Human Capital Theory in the Framework of Organization Theory


  • Julianna Nemeth


Human capital, organization theory, human resource management, organization development


The purpose of this paper is to investigate human capital theory in the framework of organization theory. To get a full picture about the topic, on the one hand, it is important to handle organizations as operating entities, in which we analyze human resources as human capital; on the other hand, organization theory is helpful in clarifying the crucial issues an organization faces. First, i introduce organizational structure in more detail, after that, i list the tasks of human resource management in connection with the role of human capital in the operation of companies. In that part, handling discrimination plays a crucial role because the different suggestions to solve this issue turned the direction of the investigation to structural changes. Based on these we can state that human resource management works as a “system in the system” because of its participation in every task the organization has to handle from the structure through culture towards strategy. In this framework of the investigation, ways of managing discrimination led towards unexpected consequences.