Human Resource Management of Innovative Projects in the Context of Business Strategy


  • Svetlana Apenko


Strategy, project management, project team, key team competencies


The strategy of any enterprise involves the development and implementation of innovative ideas in the form of projects. A set of strategically important innovative projects to achieve their performance needs to be ensured by adequate quality of human resources. Consequently, the development of the human resource management system entails particular urgency within the strategy, taking into account the needs of planning innovative projects. The study conducted by the author on 47 enterprises in Russia, demonstrating the special role of human resources in the success of innovative strategic projects and proving that the classic approaches to the personnel management cease to operate under project conditions and the innovation environment. Transformation of technologies and methods of human resource management is required, which would have started to comply with project specifics and requirements of innovation. For example, innovative projects are beginning to be relevant to workforce competencies such as: flexibility, high adaptive capacity, the ability to work under stress and time constraints, and motivation for permanent change. The techniques of underlying the diagnosis and qualification of already developed competencies minimized in the technology of personnel selection; prognostic techniques are important in the selection of candidates, as well as methods of hidden potential diagnosis that can be developed in the course of the project. The innovative nature of the project dictates special forms of motivation and stimulation of human resources project. Approaches to team building are changing in innovative projects; agile technologies enter at the forefront of the techniques. We have proposed the new techniques of human resource management relevant to conditions of innovative projects with strategic focus. Novelty developed the by author is a system of human resource management in projects.